How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

How many miles do brakes last? It’s a question every car owner from Cary to Charlotte will need to ask at some point. On average, car brakes should last between 25,000 and 65,000 miles. Ultimately, the answer to “how long do car brakes last?” will vary between each driver, as several factors from driving habits to brake type can impact when the brakes need to be changed. Learn more about brake life with the service center at Hendrick Buick GMC Cary!

How Many Miles Do Brakes Last?

25,000 to 65,000 miles is a pretty large gap. That’s because it’s difficult to list a definitive interval for “how many miles do brakes last?” In fact, some brake pads might be capable of lasting over 80,000 miles. It’s all dependent on your personal driving habits, brake type, and the conditions in which you drive, but you can check your owner’s manual for a more precise idea of when to expect your brakes to wear out.

If you need brake service, it’s best to visit an OEM-certified service center such as the one at Hendrick Buick GMC Cary. Here, you’ll find factory-trained technicians who know how to accurately estimate when your brakes will need replacement. Service technicians can use torque calculations, performance specs, and other insider information to develop an accurate brake life estimate. When your brakes do get replaced, you can also rely on a certified service center to replace your brake pads with genuine OEM parts.

How is Brake Life Affected?

Several factors should be considered when determining “how long do car brakes last?”

  • How you drive: If you have a tendency to hit the brake pedal hard when you need to slow down or stop on the road in Cary, your brakes are being negatively affected. Instead, try coasting to a stop and pressing the pedal softly to preserve your brakes.
  • Where you drive: If most of your driving is done in Charlotte where there are lots of traffic lights and stop signs, you’ll be hitting the brakes more. This means your brakes will wear out faster. On the other hand, highway driving doesn’t require as much brake usage, so your brakes can last longer.
  • Brake pad type: Do you know what type of brake pads your car has? The standard brake pads in most vehicles are metallic pads. Also available are carbon-ceramic pads, which are more expensive than metallic pads but are able to withstand more wear.

What to Do if Your Car Shakes When Braking

If you feel your car shaking when you hit the brakes, the first thing you should do is schedule a service appointment. Often, this shaking indicates a larger issue with the brake system, so you don’t want to let it go unaddressed. Other potential reasons for the shaking could include:

  • One of your tires has lost its perfectly round shape, also known as “run out”
  • Your wheels are out of balance
  • The front-end needs to be re-aligned
  • There’s a loose control arm or damaged knuckle that is throwing off your steering power
  • The axle shaft has been compromised
  • There’s a loose lug nut that needs to be tightened

Schedule Brake Inspection in Cary, NC

Hendrick Buick GMC Cary is here to help with all of your brake service concerns. If you need your brakes inspected, contact us or set up an appointment online to get started. And don’t forget, we offer ongoing service specials that can help you save on this important maintenance!

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