What Color is Brake Fluid?

If you’ve ever wondered, “what color is brake fluid?”, you’re not alone! The majority of car owners in Cary and Raleigh know what brake fluid is, but not as many drivers can answer “what does brake fluid look like?” When it’s new, brake fluid is a clear liquid with a slight hint of yellow. Over time, however, the color and texture of brake fluid will change quite drastically. Learn more about how to determine when your car’s brake fluid needs attention with the Hendrick Buick GMC Cary service team!

Why is Brake Fluid Important?

Good quality brake fluid is essential to the operation of your car’s brake system – without it, the brake pedal wouldn’t move as easily, and the entire brake system would be susceptible to corrosion. If your brake fluid level is too low or is overly riddled with contaminants, your car’s performance and the safety of yourself and other drivers in Charlotte is at risk.

How to Check Brake Fluid in 3 Simple Steps

Unlike some car maintenance tasks that may be too complicated to carry out on your own, checking your brake fluid is very simple! The first time you check your brake fluid, make a note of the answer to “what does the brake fluid look like?” This will provide you with a point of comparison when you check the brake fluid in the future, and you’ll be better equipped to determine if the fluid appears to be healthy or not.

  1. Under the hood, locate the master cylinder where the brake fluid reservoir is housed. You can find this information laid out in your owner’s manual if you need help.
  2. Note the minimum and maximum lines on the brake fluid reservoir – does the fluid line fall between them? If it’s below the minimum line, you’ll need to top-off.
  3. What does the brake fluid look like? If it appears dark in color or oily in texture, you’ll know that it’s about time for a flush and a fluid replacement.

Brake Service You Can Trust in Cary, NC

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