Who Owns Buick?

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Ever wanted to know more about who owns Buick and who makes Buick vehicles? Hendrick Buick GMC Cary is here to provide answers to these questions and more! For starters, Buick is owned by General Motors (GM), who also owns GMC, Cadillac, and Chevrolet. This is a quick fact that many drivers may already know about Buick, but did you know that the automaker’s history dates back over 100 years? Learn more about the legendary auto brand and answer more questions, like “Where are Buicks made?” with Hendrick Buick GMC Cary, below.

A Brief Look At The Buick Brand’s Storied Past

The history of Buick and the very early days of GM go hand-in-hand. In 1903 — a time that saw significant automotive innovations — Buick was just starting to manufacture vehicles. In that same year, Buick incorporated and moved their facilities from Detroit to Flint, Michigan, where the very first Buick Model B debuted. 20 years later, Buick’s one-millionth vehicle came off the production line just in time for the 20th anniversary.

All within this short 20-year time span, Buick founder William C. Durant helped earn the company its status as the best-selling automobile brand in the United States. Durant also founded GM in 1908, which was created from a desire to acquire additional auto brands that could market to all economic groups in the United States, with Buick serving as the most high-end option. So if you were wondering, “Is Buick a luxury brand?” The answer is yes.

As years passed on and the automotive industry continued to grow and modernize, Buick continued delivering luxury vehicles that were highly sought after by American drivers, with highlights including the Buick Super, Buick Roadmaster, Buick Special, Buick Riviera, Buick LeSabre, and the Buick Regal.

Where Are Buicks Made?

Having always been an American auto brand, some Raleigh drivers are surprised to learn that Buick’s list of manufacturing plants spans far outside the United States. Where are Buicks made? Currently, Buick models are built at production centers across the U.S., Canada, China, South Korea, and Germany. Who makes Buick cars at these production centers? Buick manufacturing is carried out by General Motors.

Is Buick A Luxury Car?

Like we stated earlier, yes, Buick makes luxury cars. Buick vehicles are considered to be entry-level luxury, providing Charlotte drivers with premium amenities at an accessible price point. When you get behind the wheel of a modern Buick vehicle like the Envision compact crossover or the Enclave three-row SUV, you can look forward to a wealth of high-end features like:

  • QuietTuning™ technology
  • Beautiful wood tones and brushed chrome accents
  • Available perforated leather-appointed seats
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Lane Change Alert
  • And more!

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